Thanks for visiting my website. Let me take this opportunity to tell you a few things you won’t find on my resume, for the fun of it (and because resumes are like book covers).  I’ve had the great fortune of experiencing my life through the arts. As a youth I took tap, jazz, ballet, and voice lessons, with shorter attempts at flute and figure skating. By the end of high school I had eleven years of dance training, been in nine musical theatre productions, and had participated in every school choir my elective credits allowed. My college years saw a shift towards the visual arts as I earned a degree in graphic design during the great switch from analogue to digital platforms (this wasn’t that long ago!). I’ve recently taken up knitting as a creative outlet, and listening to podcasts as an easy way to gain tips on everything from blogging to finance and health.

I have a well rounded and unique skill set garnered from a work blend that includes hospitality, entrepreneurship, and administration. I’ve worked from the moment I was old enough to get a job (starting as a waitress at Manchester, CT’s infamous Shady Glen at the Parkade) and I’ve learned that the people I work with matter as much as the tasks at hand. I am independently productive, though I find great collaborations joyful, the same way I find a dog in a car with its head out the window joyful. I will make the coffee run when it’s my turn (even though I will usually bring my coffee from home),  and I will contribute beverages or durables to office pot lucks because I’m only modestly comfortable in the kitchen. I have worked on all sorts of teams and have developed a special fondness for groups of dynamic people that turn work into a forward thinking culture of possibility, just because they can.

I invite you to view my profile on Linkedin to check out my recent work history, education, and skills, along with referral notes from prior colleagues and clients.

You can reach me at: trsarnold1@gmail.com